Temporary residence in Ukraine

Ukraine is a hospitable country where you can live and make money. To stay here legally, you should properly apply for a permission to stay. The Anti-Crisis Decisions Agency will help foreigners and stateless people legally protect their status. We are ready to assist in the following issues:

  • comprehensive consultation on legal stay issues;
  • preparation of package of the required papers;
  • submission and promotion of papers in migration services;
  • obtainment medical insurance;
  • making necessary payments;
  • obtainment a temporary permission to stay in Ukraine;
  • prolongation of a right to temporary stay.

To quickly and easily solve these issues, you should contact our Agency and describe your situation. To qualify for the status of temporary resident of the country, the applicant must have valid grounds.

Grounds for procuration a temporary permission to stay the country

Employment – Work permit

The following documents will be required for employment:

  • passport (original);
  • four photographs measuring 3.5 by 5 cm;
  • work permit (original).

Family reunion

A foreigner can enjoy all the rights of a temporary citizen if he is officially married to a full citizen of Ukraine. In addition to the above documents, the migration services will require you to copy your spouse’s passport.

Advantages of our Agency:

  • guaranteed result of a positive solution to your question;
  • conscientiousness and efficiency;
  • customer support at all stages of obtaining legal status;
  • ability to anticipate a problem and find the best solution;
  • a high level of competence in matters of migration policy.

Also, the Anti-Crisis Solutions Agency will help you in resolving the following issues:

  • processing of a work permit;
  • registration of the address for obtainment a permission to stay;
  • assistance in obtaining permission to resettle to the country and a permanent residence permit;
  • making ready of an employment contract with a foreign citizen;
  • collection of necessary papers for submission to the employment center;
  • protecting the interests of the client when considering the issue at the commission;
  • obtainment a new permit or renewing an old one.

Work permit in Ukraine: terms and cost

The services for preparing a work permit must pay an amount of UAH 3,500, as well as a state fee. Its amount is 7684 UAH for 1 year or 11 526 UAH for three years. The time for obtaining permission is 10 days from the date of filling of the complete papers and information. The maximum workability of this permit is three years, after which the document must be renewed. The procedure for obtainment a work permit is provided for by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (No. 858 of November 15, 2017).

To be permitted to work in this country, you must provide the following papers:

  • a foreign passport translated into Ukrainian;
  • information about the host company and the post of the foreigner;
  • color photo in one copy (3.5 to 4.5);
  • power of attorney for a work permit.

Prolongation of a work permit is necessary for 30 days before the expiration of its workability. You must provide the following papers:

  • color photo in duplicate (3.5 to 4.5);
  • original permission;
  • power of attorney for applying for a work permit.

Registration at the place of residence (residence permit): terms and cost

The cost of registration at the place of residence in the capital of Ukraine for full citizens and foreigners depends on the area:

Svyatoshinsky, Shevchenkovsky, Solomensky, Pechersky – 5000 UAH for 1 year

Desniansky, Dneprovsky – 4500 UAH for 1 year

Anti-Crisis Solutions Agency offers:

  • quick residency registration from 1 month up to 3 years;
  • reliable registration of the client in an apartment or a private house;
  • timely notification of the client about the status of his affairs by mail, e-mail and via mobile applications;
  • case management and counseling of the client at every stage of interaction;
  • official guarantee for all services provided.

We will assist you to quickly and easily complete the registration process. Our specialists will give a very clear picture and help you avoid tedious queues, which have become the hallmark of the domestic government agencies.

Documents required for registration at the place of residence in Kiev:

Resident (citizen of Ukraine) Non-resident (foreigner)
Passport and its copy
Military ID (for military personnel and those liable for military service)
Permanent or temporary residents permit in Ukraine

The cost and terms of registration of LLC in Kiev

Cost (UAH) Term (number of working days)
From 4000 3

The most popular form of work in this country is a limited liability company. This is due to the following factors:

  • minimum number of founders (1 person);
  • clear legislation governing the legal relations between members of society and the state;
  • LLC founders are responsible in the number of their contributions to the chapter capital;
  • absence of restrictions on authorized capital.

Registration of an LLC requires knowledge of legal nuances. We recommend that you pay attention to the following details:

  • to choose the original name, which in Ukraine can be registered only once;
  • to determine the number of founders based on the needs of the LLC;
  • a founder can be a natural or legal person, a citizen of this country or a foreigner;
  • Ukrainian legislation does not establish the minimum and maximum authorized capital for LLC;
  • to choose a taxation system after consulting with a specialist of our Agency;
  • to register an LLC in Kiev or other cities of the country. Our company will help to draw up the legal address of your enterprise;
  • to identify areas of business activity in line with the NACE;
  • to determine the contact details that will be entered in the register of state authorities.

At any of the stages of LLC registration, you may have questions and difficulties that we will help to overcome.

Documents required registering a company in the country

Founder (documents required for company registration) Director (documents)
Individual (citizen of the country) Passport and ID number Copy of the passport and identification number. A director must be a full citizen of this country. If the director is a non-resident, the procedure for acquiring a work permit for foreigners is a must.
Individual (non-resident) Passport and ID number. In the absence of an identification number, it can be obtained by ordering an additional service.
Legal person (resident) 1. Certificate (extract from the state registration of the enterprise)
2. Extract from the state register (assistance in obtaining is provided upon request).The decision to create a company is being prepared by a law firm.
Legal person (non-resident) Extract from the judicial or commercial register of the country in which the company is located. Certificate of state registration. All documents relating to a non-resident must be duly legalized (apostille or consular legalization).

The experts of our Agency will help foreigners open an LLC in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. As in many countries of the world, registering your own business is a rather complicated procedure, especially if you are not familiar with the peculiarities of legal practice in this country. Our experts have extensive experience in registering companies in Ukraine. We will help to quickly collect all the necessary legal documents; we will analyze them in terms of correctness and accuracy. After agreeing and collecting all necessary documents, the lawyers of our company will begin the process of registering your company with the relevant state bodies.

As a result, the client receives a package of papers required for the implementation of economic and business activity in the country:

  • company charter;
  • statement of state registration of the firm;
  • certificate from statistical authorities;
  • protocol;
  • print.

Everything is simple if you turn to professional lawyers. We guarantee impeccable service, integrity, confidentiality of information provided and efficiency. More questions? We will answer them. Call of write us right now.

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